English versions
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BadNTFS v1.02 [ZIP 150Kb]
The program is able to find and mark ALL unstable and defective cluster on the NTFS partition, including those that are ignored by the function "Self-Healing" NTFS, S.M.A.R.T. (realloc is not executed) and of course not detected with chkdsk, which is a common phenomenon that results in the necessity to acquire a new hard drive, even if it have only one bad sector. BadNTFS have ability to edit the list of bad clusters in $BadClust without preliminary/repeated surface scanning.

Autobackup registry v1.05 [ZIP 149Kb]
Backup and restore system and user registry

DSRT v3.33 English Win32 version [ZIP 560KB]
(SRT Editor)

MPWGUI v2.64 English Win32 version [ZIP 40Kb]
(Simple GUI for processing stereo/mono files, multi-channel audio downmixed to stereo automatically)

ImgLikeOpera v0.6.15.9 Release FireFox3 compatible [ZIP 100Kb]
Grab it and enjoy!

VirtualDubMod patch v1.5.x [ZIP 5Kb]
(Only for OGM+OGG->AVI+XXX conversions)